The Des Moines Real Estate Investor’s Spring Cleaning List

Spring cleaning is not necessarily most people's idea of a great time. However, it is a necessary evil as a Des Moines real estate investor. Cleaning each spring, just like prepping your properties for the winter, is an important measure that you can take to protect and uphold the value of your properties. once the snow has melted and the trees begin to bud, make it a priority to complete each of these spring cleaning tasks.

Inspect The Property First

First things first, you need to do a complete walk-through of each of your Des Moines investment properties to inspect any damage that could’ve been done over the winter. Keep your eyes peeled for anything like cracks in the foundation, leaks in the roof, or even chipping paint on the exterior. Bring a checklist along to make sure that you don’t miss anything during your inspection.

Replace The Furnace & AC Filters

One of the most inexpensive and easy to complete tasks on our list is to replace the filters in your furnace and air conditioning system. This will ensure that both the heating and cooling components will be operating at their full performance. In general, you can expect to spend between $10 and $20 per filter. If you will be replacing filters in more than one unit, I have them in bulk to save money and maintain a similar filter size.

Flush Your Water Heater

This one is slightly more involved than simply switching out a filter but is definitely vital to the efficiency and longevity of your water heaters. Settlement tends to collect and be held in the water tank so flushing the water heater will remove that buildup. Going through this exercise every year will help to maintain your water heater’s efficiency. Do you not trust yourself to be able to do this safely and effectively, enlist the help of one of your trusted vendors.

Check & Clean The Dryer Vent

You can prevent potential disasters like a fire at your Des Moines investment properties by checking your dryer vents. It is especially important in units like an apartment complex where laundry amenities are shared. Begin by inspecting the lint holder in the dryer to make sure it is clear of any wind. If you find a large amount of wind that is an indication that the lint holder or trap is not being emptied regularly. Next, remove the hose that runs from the back of your dryer to check for any additional build-up. If you see any, use a vacuum to remove it and ensure there are no holes in the vent system.

Clean The Gutters

Although cleaning the gutters should also be done during the fall months in preparation for the winter, they need to be cleaned out again in the spring. Because there is generally so much rain during the spring months, you can’t afford for any build-up to result in leaks or foundation issues because your gutters have become clogged up in recent months. This is another case of investing sweat equity to protect your property and your profit margin.

Survey And Repair The Siding

It is very common for siding to become damaged during the winter months. Brutal winter winds have a tendency to cause branches and debris to damage the siding of properties, as well as roofing shingles. Take a few minutes to walk around the property and look for any damage or potential problems. If there are holes that go unfixed, much bigger problems like leaks and mold will have the chance to develop and wreak havoc on your property.

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