How To Plan A Des Moines Staycation That Pleases The Whole Family

With Spring and Summer break right around the corner, you may be thinking about where you will be going for your next vacation. However, did you know that you can actually have a fantastic time by staying right here in Des Moines, and save money while you’re at it? In fact, Des Moines is a perfect city to enjoy a staycation together as a family. Here are some local-to-local tips to make the most out of a vacation that won’t require airfare.

Book A Hotel Or AirBnB

Just because you won’t be traveling to a tropical beach, does not mean that you can’t enjoy a little luxury away from home. To make it feel like more of a vacation, you can still book a hotel room or Airbnb that will have all of the amenities of home with a fresh set of surroundings. Having a break from the cleaning alone will feel like a treat.

Eat At New Restaurants

Speaking of fresh surroundings, why not take a break from your regular go-to dining faves and check out some of the newer restaurants here in Des Moines. Try to stick to local mom-and-pop spots rather than an Applebee’s which you can go to anywhere. If money is tight, skip going out of nice dinners and opt for breakfasts or desserts out instead. Speaking of dessert, you owe it to yourself to stop into Centro for one of their Toasted Marshmallow Sundaes which will make you feel like you have died and gone to heaven right here in Des Moines.

Schedule Some Adults-Only Time

If you have kids, it is still important to carve out a little time for yourselves as adults away from the little ones to reconnect and decompress. Flix Brewhouse is a great date night idea because you can enjoy dinner and a movie without spending a fortune on a sitter. Or grab some cocktails and light bites at RoCA which was even featured on The Bachelor.

Visit Local Attractions

Have you ever noticed that when you live somewhere you tend to take the local attractions for granted because you think they will always be there? Sort of like someone who has lived in NYC their whole life has never been to the Statue of Liberty. Assemble a list of all of the local attractions in Des Moines and the surrounding area that you were planning to visit “someday” and make a point to include them in your staycation plans. You would be surprised how this can refresh your appreciation for the city you call home.

Take A Vote Or Take Turns Choosing Activities

It can be hard to please everyone in the family the whole time. However, you can at least make each member of the family feel heard by taking turns choosing what you do, where you eat, and where you stay. You could also make these selections by taking a vote or make the right to choose a reward for completing chores leading up to your staycation. Letting everyone have a say will make for a far more harmonious time together as a family.

Want More Tips On Living Life To The Fullest In Des Moines?

There is so much to love about life in Des Moines. The nightlife, culture, food scene, and wonderful atmosphere for raising a family make this city one of the best and our beloved country. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy all of the best that Des Moines has to offer. Please subscribe and come back each week for more tips on how to live life to the fullest here in our darling Des Moines.

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